Performance Financing

Based Financing abbreviated PBF is a form of serviceprovider payment where payment depends explicitly on the degree to which providers achieve certain pre-established verified performance indicators. It was started in Cameroon in 2011 in the Litoral Region and extended to the southwest region in 2012. The aim of PBF is to improve the quality and quantity of health care delivery. REGIONAL HOSPITAL BUEA has been under the PBF scheme since 2012. Our Performances in the Technical Quality Assessment, Indices Tool, Community Assessment Feedback have been on the rise, with our TQA score currently above 85% and our IT Score above 90%. 

Likewise, our quantity production is on the rise With the help of the PBF Scheme, our institution has been able to achieve the following:

  1. Improve on financial accessibility by by organising month integrated outreach programs to orphanages and remote communities around the health district and also providing free or partially funded services to the financially vulnerable who visit our health facility.
  2. Improve working conditions for staff by motivating staff from the subsidies paid
  3. Providing employment for many people over the years, with about 13 staff currently employed under the PBF scheme.
  4. Improve quality of care by purchasing innumerable equipments for the facility.
  5. Bridge the information gap between the administration and the staff by organising monthly participatory management meetings.

Secretariat of the Hospital The secretariat of regional hospital buea is an administative unit of the institution.

It maintains records and other administrative duties such as clerical and archives of personel. It has a staff strength of six headed by Mme Efeti Agatha with a strong clerical background.

Duties of the Secretaria

  • Drafting and typing of mails.
  • Receiving and orientation of visitors and patients.
  • Dispatch of outgoing and incoming mails.
  • Duplication of documents (photocopying).
  • Maintaining Secretariat ethics (keeping our administrative secrets).
  • Taking care of the catering tray for the boss.
  • Run errands for the boss

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