Laboratory Unit

The Buea Regional Hospital Laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory which provides clinical laboratory services (Microbiology/ Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Parasitology, and Serology/immunoserology) to both in- and out-patients from within and without Buea. It was accredited for HIV testing in 2017 by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) and has successfully been maintained following yearly audits till date with other tests yet to be scheduled for accreditation. The medical laboratory services it renders are essential to patient care and therefore have to be available to meet the needs of all patients and the clinical personnel responsible for the care of those patients. Such services include arrangements for requisitions, patient preparation, patient identification, collection of samples, transportation, storage, processing and examination of clinical samples, together with subsequent validation, interpretation, reporting and advice, in addition to the considerations of safety and ethics in medical laboratory work. 1.1. MISSION STATEMENT BRH Laboratory is dedicated to provide accurate, reliable and timely results to assist in the diagnosis and management of disease conditions. 1.1.1.Missions of the Lab The lab is involved in the following: • Provide laboratory diagnosis in different areas; Biochemistry, parasitology, microbiology, serology and haematology. • Ensure proper diagnoses of patients received in the hospital in collaboration with other units of the hospital • Capacity building of staff, training of interns and research development in the health sector. 1.2. VISION Be the leader in the provision of quality diagnostic services which will inspire confidence and satisfaction in clients. 1.3 STATEMENT OF VALUES BRH Laboratory quality management system has been built on the core values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and loyalty to employees, customers, vendors and other associates. Our corporate culture provides growth and development opportunities for all employees committed to fulfilling the Lab’s vision, and for continuous improvement in quality. Further, we strive to promote: • Customer focused environment: dedication to customer service and satisfaction. • Our greatest asset, our employees: management commitment to value and recognize this asset by investing in and supporting open communication, information sharing, employee involvement, empowerment and training in an environment of goodwill and trust. • Mutual respect: treat others as you would like to be treated. • Highest standards of ethics & integrity: always do the right thing for the customer and the hospital. • Continuous improvement: utilize best practices to achieve greatest efficiency and effectiveness. • The team approach: work together to resolve problems, improve processes and build the future in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. • Empowerment: accept responsibility and authority to act and make decisions in your area of accountability and always assume responsibility for the customer. 1.4 LABORATORY OPERATIONAL HOURS The Laboratory Service is operational 24H/7 (Monday to Sunday) and open to the following categories of users: patients, clinicians or prescribing officers, students on internship, other laboratories, suppliers, partners and assessment bodies 1.5 LABORATORY QUALITY ASSURANCE The BRH laboratory has a functional quality management system as it operates with the ISO15189:2012 and the quality of the laboratory report(results) can be guaranteed because quality cuts across the total testing process (Pre-Analytic, Analytical to Post Analytical phases). Quality control for specific tests is done prior to patient sample testing. The lab participates in external quality assurance (EQAs) and interlaboratory comparison/Proficiency testing schemes to ascertain the quality of its performance.

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